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Can we make hair loss zero? Stop my hair loss? Hair growth is a natural cycle with phases. Growth phase or anagen, breakdown phase or catagen and resting phase or telogen followed by fall phase or exogen. A fix number of hair regularly complete the growth cycle and are ready to fall. The Percentage is fixed by birth. This is usually 10 - 20% of the hair. If hair loss is more than 20% we can reduce it to less than 20% but we cannot make it zero. Hair loss less than 10% becomes unnoticeable. Our treatment ensures that fallen hair keeps getting replaced with new hair. If left untreated all the hair keeps getting replaced with the new hair. If left untreated all the hairmay not grow back and you gradually become bald. #Hair-Loss-Clinic-in-Vadodara #Hair-Loss-Treatment-in-Vadodara #Hair-Restoration-in-Vadodara #Hair-transplant-in-Baroda #Cosmetic-Surgeon-in-Vadodar #Plastic-Sirgeon-in-Vadodara #DrGunjanpatel
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